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Our Own Flower Nursery

We have vertically integrated to grown more than 47 verities of exotic types of chrysanthemums with dutch collaboration. We are able to produce the best quality flowers in the world in our Bellihuloya, Nuwara Eliya & Keppetipola nurseries and offer them to our customers for a fraction of the cost of imported flowers.

Belihuloya rose garden is located in Thumbathanna which belongs to Belihuloya area. It is situated in the Ratnapura DistrictSabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka. It is approximately 150 kilometers away from the south-east of Colombo. Its temperature is about 28°C and 69% Humidity. This hillside location is a climatically transitional area, linking both the dry and wet zones and the hill and low country. As a result, the vegetation consists of moist semi- evergreen forests, tropical savanna, dry patana grass lands and montane temperate forests, making one of the richest bio diversity spots in Sri Lanka.

If anyone wishes to visit Belihuloya Rose Garden, first he would to find the 165 kilometer post along the Colombo-badulla main Road. Then he would move 7km away to the hill side and enter to the Belihuloya Rose Garden.

Our garden spreads out in 20 Acre land and out of it 3 acres have been used for cultivation. It consists with 15 poly tunnels and out of them are 3 rose tunnels,2 Baby’s breath and 7 tunnels for Chrysanthemums in open field cultivation, largely Hydrangea and few land is used for supper daisy and Tullip.

Type of Services

In our farm we produce both flowers and foliage. Flowers are cultivated both in the Polly tunnels and open field. Foliage is cultivated only in the open field.


  • Polly tunnel :- Rose, Baby’s breath, Chrysanthemum, Heather                                                     
  • Open-Field:-Super daisy, Tulip, Madonna


  • Open-Field:-Ivy, N’eliya fern, Leather fern



We supply good quality flowers at the expected level. And we produce foliage in considerable amount. Our aim is to produce and supply good quality products from the field to the market. Therefore our work team put much effort to achieve our aim.

Selection of good quality planting material would ensure the success growth of a plant. Therefore we try to ensure the good practices before planting by selecting quality planting materials.  After planting, correct management practices such as land preparation or media preparation, watering, application of chemical doses at recommended level, correct fertilizer application, are practiced properly. Inspection of diseases is also done in order to minimize losses. Harvesting is another major root cause for wasting products. Therefore harvesting is done carefully. Finally we do the hygiene practices to ensure the vase life of our products.

Success of the farm mainly depends on the workers and its management. Therefore we have trained our worker and they have gained good knowledge. And also ensure their loyalty to the organization while giving valuing them as they are part of our organization.

All together we could be able to supply good quality products with maximum resource utilization. Various initiatives have planned to increase the profit in the future.

Oriental and Asiatic Lilies direct from Lassana Nurseries

With the help of highly trained and professional staff, we now offer cut Lilies that are top-quality, long lasting, and sent fresh from their farms. Apart from their stunning beauty, what makes these bouquets special is that they are grown under the best conditions, resulting in spectacular blooms that are in your hands within days of harvest. Each bouquet is carefully arranged by our well experienced florists prior to delivering, and arrives in bud stage for longer lasting bouquets. The flowers will open gradually, and are absolutely guaranteed to last longer. On a "blooms per day basis," they are one of the best buys in the world of cut flowers.