Cut Flowers Wholesale
  1.) What is the minimum quantity required for a wholesale purchase?  
      A minimum 100 no's is essential
  2.) Is wholesale price lesser that retail?  
      Wholesale prices are lower and vary according to quantity ordered.
  3.) Are all flowers shown available at a given time?  
     Certain flowers are seasonal and only available at certain periods of time.
  4.) Do you provide artificial flowers?  
      Sorry, we only provide natural flowers.
  5.) Do you undertake delivery of wholesale flowers?  
      Yes at a nominal cost.
  6.) Do you supply flowers in bloom or buds?  
      We supply both
  7.) Do you sell imported flowers?  
      Yes – on a special request
  8.) Do you export local flowers overseas?  
      Yes - on special request
  9.) Do you provide greenery on order?  
      Yes – we specialize in appropriate greenery for events and functions
  10.) Do you provide island wide delivery?  
        Yes – but prior notice of at least 48 hrs is required for areas other than Colombo and Kandy.
  11.) Do you have printed flowers?  
        Yes – we engrave flowers with your special wording
  12.) What are the other gift items you provide?  
        We have a wide range of cakes, soft toys, fruit baskets, chocolates and greeting cards for your special occasion. Cake orders should be placed 24 hrs in advance.
  Our Farms  
Our nursery exclusively devoted to flowers and foliage is located in the cool climes of Belihul – Oya which has the ideal natural conditions for flowers to grow. Specially trained technicians and laborers together with expert horticulturists work synergistically as a team to tend and nurture with immaculate care the delicate flowers that grown in our farm. These flowers are harvested when in full bloom and sent from our farm in special freezer trucks to our outlets located in the major cities. Special care is taken to ensure that no damage happens to them during transport and that they remain fresh at delivery. We are Sri Lanka’s only company that has a farm devoted to flowers and foliage that are delivered to our customers and this shows our consistent commitment to quality and customers satisfaction.
  Why Buy from Us  
We are Sri Lanka’s foremost supplier of exquisite flowers and décor for any occasion. We have over a decade of experience of being in the floral trade and have participated in major events both in Sri Lanka and internationally and have won international awards that include internationally acclaimed ISO certification for our excellence in floriculture and event décor in south East Asia. We offer you the finest quality handpicked flowers at very competitive prices that are delivered to any part of the island to make your event successful. Our flowers are transported in special freezer equipped vans that guarantee freshness on arrival. We are located in all the major towns of Sri Lanka that makes us conveniently accessible. When you buy from us, you are making an investment in reliable, authentic flowers that come from the best farms in the island in fresh quality to make your occasion grand and joyous. Count on us who have years of experience of being a trend setter at the pinnacle of the floral trade to make your event truly memorable.
  Wholesale Flower Care and Handling  
The following steps should be taken to ensure the quality and freshness of your wholesale flowers is preserved.
  Lassana Flora Cut Flower Care  
Following is how the Lassana Flora industry experts handle these cut flowers. We offer you these tips so you too will enjoy our flowers for weeks at a time.
1.   Never use soft water for your flowers, use hard water, or distilled water from the store at room temperature.
2.  Always start with a container cleaned in bleach to kill all the old bacteria: rinse well.
3.  Upon receipt of flowers:
4.  Remove bottom twist tie or rubber band.
5.  Do not remove the sleeves...leave on for the first 12 hours of conditioning for extra support if you want the long stem.
6.  Re-cut each stem at a 45 degree angle approximately 2 inches from the bottom with a sharp knife.
7.  Make sure your vase or bucket it tall enough to support the stem length. If not cut the stem shorter to accommodate your container.
8.  After 12 to 24 hours remove the sleeves, remove any foliage that falls below the water line, rinse and refresh the water in your vase and arrange your flowers.
  Ongoing Flower Care Tips  
1.  Always use a sharp knife or garden shear when working with flowers.
2.  Change the water and clean the vase in bleach when the water becomes cloudy.
3.  Remove flowers as they die.
4.  Re-cut the bottom of the stem every few days for in longer lasting flowers.
5.  Re-do the above procedure when your flowers start to wilt. Wilting is caused by a lack of water in the flower itself. So re-hydrating any flower gives it days if not weeks of longer lasting beauty.
6.  Never display your flowers in full sun, in a drafty location such as near an open window or door, or in front of a fan. All these things cause the flowers to dehydrate and then die.