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Fast Track Course

Professional Course


“Our vision is to add value to our talented young men and women though
proper training and guidance”.

By conducting classes for more than three years, the Lassana Flora Academy has been able to provide the much needed knowledge to achieve professional status in floral designing and provide proper training to armature artists in Sri Lanka.


We have now become the leading floral academy in Sri Lanka because,

  • We are Sri Lanka’s only professional floral design academy with an international reputation  

  • Attained proven track record in creating successful florists both locally and internationally

  • Our trainees have already found jobs at Lassana Flora and many other countries like the USA, Japan, Australia, Europe and the Middle East 

  • Many have started or improved in the wonderful floral art of creative design as a hobby

  • Many have started their own business or taken existing business new heights 

The Certificate in Floral Designing will be offered to those who successfully complete the written and practical exams. While offering internships for training we offer permanent jobs to talented students who successfully complete the course.