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Best Selling Cakes

Passion Fruit Baked…

$21.95  (Rs.3,990.00)

Strawberry Baked Ch…

$31.90  (Rs.5,800.00)

Dark Sweet Cherry B…

$26.95  (Rs.4,900.00)

Pink Celebrations C…

$22.00  (Rs.4,000.00)

Chocolate Creamy Ga…

$18.43  (Rs.3,350.00)


$32.45  (Rs.5,900.00)

Chocolate Sludge Ca…

$17.60  (Rs.3,200.00)

"Mom" Low…

$12.38  (Rs.2,250.00)


$7.65  (Rs.1,390.00)

"My King"…

$9.90  (Rs.1,800.00)
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Best Selling Flowers

40% off

Red Rose Love - 50 …

$54.95  (Rs.9,990.00)

$32.95  (Rs.5,990.00)
19% off

Single Rose in a Bo…

$4.68  (Rs.850.00)

$3.80  (Rs.690.00)
25% off

5 Ferreros with a S…

$14.30  (Rs.2,600.00)

$10.73  (Rs.1,950.00)

Red Rose Garden

$30.22  (Rs.5,495.00)
22% off

50 Blooms of Love

$62.76  (Rs.11,410.00)

$49.23  (Rs.8,950.00)

Love Carriage

$39.82  (Rs.7,240.00)
11% off

Kisses of Love Roses

$24.48  (Rs.4,450.00)

$21.73  (Rs.3,950.00)
37% off

Luxury Rose Bouquet

$21.97  (Rs.3,995.00)

$13.86  (Rs.2,520.00)

Lovely Rose

$17.99  (Rs.3,270.00)
34% off

Bunch of 100 Red Ro…

$100.87  (Rs.18,340.00)

$66.83  (Rs.12,150.00)

21 Red Roses Basket

$25.63  (Rs.4,660.00)
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Best Selling Fruit Baskets

Fruity Surprise

$37.95  (Rs.6,900.00)

Seasonal Green Appl…

$10.34  (Rs.1,880.00)

Mix Fruit Chocó Lov…

$29.70  (Rs.5,400.00)

Premier Fresh Fruit…

$46.75  (Rs.8,500.00)

Fruity Treat

$11.28  (Rs.2,050.00)

Goodies Sensation

$40.15  (Rs.7,300.00)

Fruit Heaven

$35.75  (Rs.6,500.00)

Mini Fruit Basket

$11.00  (Rs.2,000.00)

Seasonal Red Apple …

$11.06  (Rs.2,010.00)

Fruit Delight

$19.25  (Rs.3,500.00)

Exotic Fruit Basket

$22.55  (Rs.4,100.00)

Fruit Lovers

$16.50  (Rs.3,000.00)
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Best Selling Soft Toys

Life Size Teddy (Re…

$59.35  (Rs.10,790.00)

Love Bear White

$9.19  (Rs.1,670.00)

Plush Bear with Jea…

$13.75  (Rs.2,500.00)

Large Size Teddy (C…

$39.05  (Rs.7,100.00)

Together in Love

$14.85  (Rs.2,700.00)

Life Size Teddy (Pi…

$59.35  (Rs.10,790.00)

Life Size Teddy (Br…

$59.35  (Rs.10,790.00)

I Love You Pillow

$9.90  (Rs.1,800.00)
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Lassana Flora Flowers and Gift Delivery

Lassana Flora is Sri Lanka’s finest & the most trusted on-line gift shop for fresh flowers, cakes & gifts under one roof. We grow flowers in our own nurseries with stringent attention to the nurturing process to ensure that the best from nature’s bounty is culled. 

We offer the best and most delectable range of Lassana cakes baked by our own in-house pastry chefs who have years of experience in the confectioneries and comes with the guarantee of delicious, scrumptious taste and true value for money.

Our services go beyond the deal - we transport flowers in temperature controlled vans & cakes, chocolates and fruits in hygienic cooler vehicles that guarantees freshness and quality on delivery. We have a specially handpicked staff numbering over 200 with special training who supervise various aspects of production to ensure that the customer receives a product of unsurpassed quality.